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Cookie Favors

Cookie make great favors for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Showers.
Each Cookie is approx. 4-41/2". Cookies range from $2.50-$5 each depending on design elements. *Packaging is separate.
Minimum of 25 cookies per order.

Wedding Favors

Penn State Wedding Cookies

Bridal Shower Favors

*All pricing is subject to change without notice*


Cupcakes come in Traditional Flavors (Vanilla and Chocolate) and Gourmet flavors. Minimum of 2 dozen per order, unless ordered with a cake.

**Small decorative sprinkles or flavor components (cookies, fresh fruit) are included into the price:
Strawberry Cheesecake

Vanilla and Chocolate with Sprinkles

Additional fondant toppers (flowers, initials, etc.) can be created at an additional cost per cupcake. Starting at $.50 per topper.

Girly Cupcakes

Diego Animal Print

Diva Cupcakes

*Sampler platters of Gourmet Flavors are available with a minimum of 4 dozen Standard Size and 5 dozen Minis ordered.


Standard Size Cupcakes- Start at $2 each for Traditional Flavors (Vanilla and Chocolate) and can go up to $3 each for Gourmet Flavors. * Decorations do change the pricing.

Mini Cupcakes- Start at $.75 each Traditional Flavors and can go up to $1.00 each for Gourmet Flavors. *Decorations do change the pricing.

Jumbo Cupcakes- Great for the Birthday Boy or Girl as an alternative to the "Smash Cake"
Starts at $4.00 each for Traditional Flavors and can go up to $5.00 each  for Gourmet Flavors.
* Decorations do change the pricing.

Can be Personalized!

*All pricing is subject to change without notice*

Cupcake Towers

Cupcake Towers can be done for all occasions: Wedding, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Showers.
They are a great way to incorporate individualized servings for your guests. I suggest that for an order of under 50 cupcakes; 2 flavors be chosen. For larger orders, no more than 4 Flavors should be ordered. Too many choices leaves confused overwhelmed.

Cupcakes are ordered in dozens then arranged on a tower that is decorated to fit your design.
A 6" Topper Cake is used as a "cutting cake" to complete the Tower.

Extra design elements such as Fresh Flowers bring the arrangement to life and will be added to the final cost of the order.

Large Cupcake Tower 225 cupcake + Topper Cake
Stand will hold up to 300 Cupcakes

Medium Cupcake Tower 100 cupcakes
*Decoartive elements were extra

For an idea on pricing, although each order is different: The Tower above had:
100 cupcakes, 4 different flavors with fillings, hand made fondant toppers, a decorated Cake stand, and decorative elements to tie it together. This cake was: $450* (each cake is priced differently this is just an example)

Small Cupcake Stand, Great for Parties:
Holds 30 cupcakes
Decorative Cake Plates are also avaliable for Rental

Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes

The Cake at a Wedding is the center piece of the night. I can guarentee that my cake will not only look amazing, but I take pride in making sure my cakes and fillings are fresh and persoanl for all clients. Other bakeries can have anywhere from 5 to 10 cakes a day. Sweet Treats ONLY does a MAX of 2 weddings a weekend to ensure that all cakes are up to the expectations of the clients. Freshness is a top priority, Everything is made from scrath to taste, they will Never be Frozen!

When ordering cake, I always suggest that you should plan to serve enough cake for each guests especially when doing cupcakes. (I have seen guests eat up to 4 cupcakes at a wedding).

Pricing starts at $3 a serving up to $6 a serving with Fondant accents and handmade Flowers.

*Because of the delicate details of sugar flowers and the time it takes to make them, they may be priced individually.

For an Average Wedding Stacked Cake that will feed around 150 people Prepare to spend about $450 for minimal design and up to $1,000 for hand sculpted designs, sugar flowers, and edible jewelry.

Book your Wedding Cake as soon as you book your venue,I already have some Spring 2010 and Fall 2010 Dates booked!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


If you would like to place an order please send an email to: Please include these important points, this will determine the price of your order:

  • Servings* Very Important!
  • Type of Event?
  • Price Range/ Budget
  • Date and Time of your event.
  • What kind of service are you looking for ( cakes, cupcakes, or cookies)
  • What your theme, style, and preferences are.
  • Any pictures that could help with the design of your cake.
Price Quotes WILL NOT be given without a Number of Serving and an idea of Design elements!


Cake is a very time consuming medium, becuase of the amount of work that goes into making each cake truely unique, pricing is done according to design. Some cakes can take 5 hours and some can take 15 hours of labor to construct.

Party Cakes- Starting at $2 a serving for Basic buttercream design $3 a serving for minimal fondant work up to $6 a serving for more elaborate work.*Pricing depends on Design.  Each design is Unique.

Minimum of $50 for all cakes. No exceptions!

Round Cakes

Carved Cakes
Carved Cakes are priced individually due to intricate design and construction.

*Birthday Child "Smash Cakes" are Avaliable with the purchase of a Larger Cake.

*All pricing is subject to change without notice*


Traditional Cake Flavors

• Golden Vanilla

• Chocolate

• White Wedding

Traditional Cake Fillings

• Vanilla Buttercream

• Chocolate Buttercream

Gourmet Cake Flavors:

• Butter Pound

• Tye-Dye Vanilla

• Oreo Cookies

• Pumpkin Spice

• Apple

• Strawberry

• Lemon

• Peanut Butter

• Banana

• Chocolate Pound

• Peanut Butter Pound

• Chocolate Chip

• Chocolate Chip Cookie

Gourmet Cake Fillings:

• Fresh Fruit Purees; Strawberry, Raspberry, etc

• Orange Creamsicle

• Nutella ( Chocolate Hazelnut)

• Coffee

• Cappuccino Mousse

• Peanut Butter Fluff

• Homemade Marshmallow

• Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

• White Chocolate Mousse

• Whipped Chocolate Ganache (white, dark, or milk)

• Chocolate Ganache (white dark or milk)

Outer Coatings:

• Fondant

• Vanilla Buttercream

• Chocolate Buttercream

• Ganache*- White or Milk Chocolate ( thick chocolate fudge that hardens)

Popular Cake Combinations:

• Butter Pound- Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fluff Fillings.

• Chocolate Cake- Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fluff Fillings.

• Golden Vanilla- Fresh Raspberry Puree and Vanilla Buttercream Filling.

• Pumpkin Spice- Cream Cheese Buttercream

• Cookies and Cream -Vanilla Buttercream

Popular Cupcake Flavors:

Snickers- Chocolate, Carmel, Peanut Butter

Strawberry Cheesecake

Vanilla with Strawberry

Orange Creamsicle

Nutella- Chocolate Hazelnut

Apple with Cream Cheese

Pumpkin with Cream Cheese

Oreo Cookies and Cream

Chocolate with Peanut Butter

Vanilla with Peanut Butter

Banana with Chocolate

For the Kiddies:

Tye- Dye Vanilla ( dyed any color you'd like)

Bubble Gum Buttercream

Cotton Candy Buttercream